How to Grow Tropical Hibiscus in Containers

A close up horizontal image of three red tropical hibiscus flowers growing in a container.

Beautiful ornamental shrubs with showy flowers and evergreen foliage, frost-tender hibiscuses add tropical appeal throughout the garden. And they make excellent potted plants as well, so they can be conveniently overwintered indoors in chilly regions. Here’s all the info on how to grow tropical hibiscus in containers.

How to Grow and Care for Hardy Hibiscus Flowers

A close up of a bright red H. moscheutos flower growing in the garden surrounded by foliage on a soft focus background.

The vibrant funnel-shaped flowers of hibiscus and their long stamens are iconic symbols of beauty – but did you know hardy varieties can grow in cold climates too? Thanks to the work of breeders, many sizes and colors are now available. We’ll explain how to grow them, with tips to bring out their best blooms.

How to Grow and Care for Rose of Sharon

A close up horizontal image of two pink and red rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) flowers growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

A temperate climate hibiscus that grows well in cold areas, the stunning, elegant, easy to grow, and adaptable rose of Sharon deserves a place in your garden. Ranging from three to 16 feet tall with white, purple, pink, or red flowers, there’s an ideal cultivar for every situation. Learn how to grow Hibiscus syriacus now.

Tips for Growing Red Burgundy Okra

A close up horizontal image of 'Red Burgundy' okra pod and flower growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine, fading to soft focus in the background.

Prolific and terrific, ‘Burgundy’ heirloom okra grows fast and produces bushels of edible red pods in a single season. Our guide shares ways this variety differs from green types and how to care for the plants from sowing to harvest and cooking. Eat the pretty yellow blooms, too, or grow red okra as an ornamental.

How to Winterize Hollyhocks

A close up horizontal image of seed capsules of a hollyhock plant covered in ice crystals pictured on a soft focus background.

A little mulch, a quick prune, and your hollyhocks will be looking better than ever. These cottage garden staples are low-maintenance, but it never hurts to provide some extra care to ensure they’ll be at their best. Winterizing is especially important if you live in a region with wide temperature variation in winter.

How to Identify and Control Caterpillars on Tropical Hibiscus

A close up horizontal image of a bright pink tropical hibiscus (H. rosa-sinensis) flower pictured on a soft focus background.

Tropical hibiscuses are gorgeous, but these plants can be targets for a variety of pests – like caterpillars and other larvae. A few of these can dole out venom with a sting to warn you to stay away! Learn how to identify and control caterpillars on your tropical hibiscus plants in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Tropical Hibiscus

A close up horizontal image of a cat sniffing a tropical hibiscus plant that is growing in a raised bed garden.

In many hot, humid climates, fancy tropical hibiscus has become a symbol of the local culture. Incorporating one of these stunning plants into your landscape may make you feel like you’re on island time, and the good news is, they’re not difficult to grow and care for. We’ll cover everything you need to know.

How and When to Deadhead Hollyhocks

A close up horizontal image of a bed of beautiful hollyhock flowers with a residence in soft focus in the background.

Deadheading your hollyhocks isn’t required, but it can be useful if done right. Removing the faded flowers can give you a second round of blossoms – but it can also ruin next year’s show. That’s because hollyhocks are self-seeding biennials, and removing the flowers also prevents the seeds from spreading. Read more.

How to Grow and Care for Hollyhocks

A close up horizontal image of a stand of bright hollyhocks pictured on a blue sky background in bright sunshine.

Growing hollyhocks is rewarding for people and pollinators. They offer a beautiful spectrum of picturesque petals, making them a must-have for any floral garden! And you only need to plant them once to see them return for years to come, via self-sowing or seed saving. Learn how to grow and care for your own hollyhocks.

37 of the Best Hibiscus Varieties

A close up portrait of an orange hibiscus flower with characteristic staminal column on a dark soft focus background.

There’s nothing quite like hibiscus to enchant your summer garden. With huge blooms and a vivid color palette to suit every garden style, we take an in-depth look at cultivars of both the hardy, perennial types as well as the tender tropical lovelies. Learn about 37 of our favorite hibiscus varieties. Read more now.