The Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea and How to Make the Perfect Infusion

A close up horizontal image of a glass of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) tea next to a bunch of the herb both fresh and dried set on a yellow surface.

Lemon balm is an abundant aromatic herb that offers a multitude of healing benefits! The easy-to-grow herb provides plentiful harvests during summertime and the aerial parts make a delicious and calming herbal infusion that can be prepared hot or cold. Make a cup for yourself or a larger pitcher to share with friends!

How to Grow and Use Lemon Balm

A Melissa officinalis plant growing outdoors amongst other vegetation, pictured in bright sunlight.

Looking to add some life to your herb garden this year? Try growing lemon balm. This lovely perennial member of the mint family is a vigorous grower with a pleasant lemon-like flavor and a long list of medicinal, culinary, and other uses. Read more to learn how to grow and utilize this spirited herb.