How to Plant and Grow Ornamental and Hardshell Gourds

A group of warted and winged ornamental gourds freshly harvested.

Want to add a splash of color to your garden this fall? Have you already found success growing different types of squash and you’re looking to branch out? Ornamental gourds are the way to go! Get the lowdown on everything you need to know about growing this gorgeous crop in our guide, now on Gardener’s Path.

Smoother Skin from the Garden? Learn How to Grow Loofah

You can grow luffa squash to eat or to turn into sponges |

What if you could grow a plant that can give you smooth skin and that doubles as a powerful household cleaning tool? Loofah sponges can be one of the most rewarding garden harvests, and it’s possible to make your own with the fruits of a special gourd. Read more at Gardener’s Path.

How to Plant and Grow Italian Cucuzza Squash

A close up horizontal image of Italian cucuzza squash in a wooden box set on the ground with a garden scene in soft focus in the background.

Italian cucuzza is a summer squash in the botanical family of Lagenaria. This edible plant is technically a gourd that is related to the calabash and other culinary squashes and gourds. A vigorous plant, its fruits grow rapidly. Eaten just like summer squash, it tastes delicious fresh off the grill. Read more now.

Grow Your Own Birdhouses with These Decorative Gourds

A close up horizontal image of Lagenaria siceraria fruits growing vertically on a trellis pictured in light filtered sunshine.

Birdhouse gourds (Lagenaria siceraria) are fun plants for the whole family. Learn how to start them from seed and train the twisting vines on arbors and trellises for a homegrown hideaway, then watch blossoms give way to hard-shelled hanging fruit that’s perfect for making decorative homes for the birds. Read more now.

7 of the Best Ornamental Gourd Varieties

A close up picture of a large variety of different ornamental gourds and edible squash in different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes in bright sunlight.

Ornamental gourds are easy to grow and add color and texture to your garden. Did you know they are available in an array of shades, shapes, and sizes – and they’re perfect for brightening up the backyard or decorating your fall table. Learn about the different varieties and discover our 7 favorites. Read more now.