Honey bees collecting pollen from yellow catkins of a pussy willow.

Bees (Anthophila)

Are you a passionate home gardener looking to learn more about the importance of bees and how they impact your garden? We’ve got you covered. From understanding bee varieties to learning key ways to support them, we are here with all the expert information that will equip you with knowledge on how to create an inviting space for all types of bees in your backyard (and how to deter one problem variety).

The Buzz About Bees: 19 Ways to Help Bees in Your Backyard

A close up horizontal image of a bumblebee (Bombus lucorum) feeding from a yellow flower cluster, pictured on a soft focus green background.

Bees are critical pollinators in our food systems and key members of our ecosystems. Yet these flying insects are in danger due to habitat loss and climate change. To help them, you can create a wildlife oasis in your backyard to offer food and shelter. Learn 19 ways to help bees in your landscape in this guide. Read more.

Ground & Wood Nesting Bees: Learn to Identify Common Species

Macro photo of a bumble bee on a red clover flower.

Do you ever watch your backyard bees? Busy collecting pollen and sipping nectar, these benign little creatures pollinate our crops and flowers as they peacefully fly about. But when they nest nearby, it’s a smart idea to know how they’ll behave around your home. Join us now to learn about some common native species.

How to Stop Carpenter Bees from Attacking Your Home

A carpenter been sitting on small branch that has had a hole drilled for nesting.

Carpenter bees are docile insects with the important task of pollinating our food supplies. But they nest in old wood and often choose inappropriate sites – like our fences, garages, and homes. If you’re experiencing problems with an infestation, join us now for a look at how to prevent and be rid of existing nests.