Green leaves of bay laurel grown as a hedge.

Bay Laurel

Bay laurel is an evergreen plant that can be grown in the home garden in warmer climates or in a pot for those in cooler locations. It has a high resistance to diseases and pests, making it a great low maintenance plant choice for novice gardeners.

Use our guides down below to learn how to grow and care for bay laurel trees, grow new plants from seed or cuttings, harvest its leaves for culinary and medicinal use, and more. Are you new to growing bay laurel? Start here.

How to Grow and Care for Bay Laurel Trees

A close up horizontal image of bay laurel foliage pictured in bright sunshine on a soft focus background.

Bay laurel is a beautiful and easy-care perennial evergreen that’s a popular ornamental for containers, hedges, privacy screens, and topiary specimens. Plus, the aromatic leaves are a must-have as a kitchen seasoning and for herb blends. Find all the details on how to grow and care for bay laurel right here. Read more.

How to Propagate Bay Laurel From Cuttings

A close up horizontal image of a bay laurel stem growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

If you’ve ever shopped for bay trees at the nursery, you know they can be pricey. No need to shell out the green – if you’re up for a challenge, why not propagate one at home via cuttings? This comprehensive guide will walk you through taking and growing bay tree cuttings the right way for the best chance of success.

How to Transplant a Bay Laurel Tree

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of a bay laurel tree growing in the garden ready for transplanting to a different location, pictured on a soft focus background.

If you are growing bay laurel in containers indoors or out in the garden and it’s getting too big for its current home, it may be time to transplant. If you need to move your bay tree, check out this guide to learn when and how to transplant bay laurel and ensure it thrives in its new location. Read more now.

How to Grow Bay Laurel In Containers

A close up of a bay laurel tree growing in a whiskey barrel container, surrounded by small purple flowers and a lilac Burmese cat sitting beside it. The pot is situated by a brick wall in the background.

Ever wondered if you can grow bay in a container? Yes, you can! It isn’t fussy if you miss a watering or let it get root-bound. Plus, growing it in your kitchen garden or indoors means you will have a ready supply of this pungent herb at hand. Bay leaf is ideal for growing in pots, and we’ll show you how. Read more.

How to Grow Bay Laurel from Seed

A close up of a bay leaf tree with bright green leaves and fruit developing, with water droplets covering the foliage, pictured on a soft focus background.

Looking to grow bay laurel from seed? This guide will help you through the process of harvesting the seeds, encouraging them to germinate, and transplanting seedlings to the garden. We’ll also help you figure out what went wrong if you run into trouble. All you need is a little patience and this article to get started.