How to Plant and Grow Butterkin Squash

A horizontal photo of a Butterkin squash on a wooden table. In the background are several other varieties of winter squashes.

‘Butterkin’ is a hybrid cross between a pumpkin and a butternut squash, giving you the rounded shape of a pumpkin with the sweet nutty flavor of a butternut. This winter squash variety is relatively low-maintenance and can be stored up to six months after curing. Learn how to plant and grow ‘Butterkin’ in this guide.

How to Grow and Care for Persian Violets

A close up horizontal image of purple Persian violets (Exacum affine) growing in the garden.

Persian violets (Exacum affine) are cute short-lived tropical perennials with charming flowers that have a sweet, pleasant fragrance. Easy to propagate and maintain, Persian violets make charming houseplants and add color to patios and decks during the warm months. Learn how to grow Persian violets in this guide.

Why Is My Venus Flytrap Turning Black?

A close up shot of a Venus flytrap trap with an additional trap in the background blurred out.

Venus flytraps are unique and beautiful carnivorous plants, known for their fussy care requirements. If you notice that the foliage is starting to turn black, you’ll need to act quickly to figure out what’s going on. Discover five common causes for Venus flytraps turning black and what to do about it. Read more now.

Houseplant Propagation for Beginners

A close up horizontal image of a gardener holding a glass jar with pothos cuttings that have formed roots, ready for transplant.

Every plant lover wants to add to their ever growing collection, but finding the right propagation techniques and tools can be confusing! This simple guide will walk you through four of the most common propagation techniques and give you the most helpful tools to add to your indoor plant family. Read on to learn more.