When and How to Harvest Zucchini

A horizontal photo of a ripe, ready-to-harvest zucchini in a garden.

Easy to grow, everyone’s favorite green summer squash is also a breeze to pick with the right technique. You can’t just tear these vegetables off the vine, a more refined approach is required. You’ll also want to make sure you get your timing right. Learn more about how to harvest zucchini in this guide. Read more now.

Reasons and Fixes for Hollow Zucchini

A horizontal close up of a zucchini growing on a vine in a garden bed.

If you slice into your freshly harvested zucchini fruits and find the center hollowed out, you’re probably dealing with hollow heart. Hollow centers can be caused by pollination problems, water issues, or nutrient deficiencies. Learn more about this issue and how to prevent and manage it in this guide. Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Zucchini Squash

A close up of the ripe, dark green fruits of a summer squash, growing in the garden, surrounded by foliage with soil in soft focus in the background.

A traditional home garden favorite, zucchini is popular as a zero-carb spiral noodle standout. A few plants can supply the whole family! But with so many wonderful cultivars for edible blossoms, stuffing or pickles, why not plant a bunch and harvest all summer long? Follow these tips for zucchini bliss.

Causes and Solutions for Floppy or Wilting Zucchini Plants

A close up horizontal image of zucchini plants wilting and flopping in the garden.

Are your zucchini plants flopping over instead of producing the bumper crop these summer squash are famed for? The cause could be squash vine borers, too much moisture, or bacterial wilt via cucumber beetles. Here’s how to identify the issue, treat it if possible, and prevent garden-grown zucchini from falling over.

How to Identify and Control Common Zucchini Diseases

A close up of a Curcurbita pepo plant suffering from a disease called bacterial wilt, pictured growing in bright sunshine in the garden.

Zucchini is a must-have in any veggie garden because it’s tasty, prolific, and easy to grow. But zucchini can be plagued by some nasty diseases that can reduce your harvest, or even kill your plants entirely. We’ll show you how to deal with diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses – and how to prevent them in the future.

How to Identify and Control Zucchini Plant Pests

A close up of a large green leaf infested with small black insects, with a garden scene in soft focus in the background.

Have you spotted an insect on your zucchini in the vegetable patch and don’t know what to do about it? Or maybe your plants are failing to thrive and you’re wondering what might be the problem. Learn how to identify and control 9 common zucchini pests. Read more now.

How to Grow Zucchini in Containers

A close up picture of a bright yellow courgette flower and developing fruit, growing in a terra cotta pot on a patio in bright sunshine.

If you love homegrown zucchini but have no room in your garden, did you know you can grow it in containers instead? This summer squash is easy to grow and provides you with an abundant harvest. Learn how to plant and grow zucchini in pots and containers for the fresh, homegrown taste of summer. Read more now.

Problems with Growing Zucchini: Troubleshooting 11 Potential Issues

A close up of a healthy courgette plant growing in the garden with dark green fruit and soil in soft focus in the background.

Zucchini are famously prolific, but that doesn’t mean they’re without their share of potential issues. You might be facing yellowing leaves, falling flowers, or pest problems. If you’re having trouble with your zucchini, learn about 11 common problems, how to identify what’s going wrong, and what to do to fix it.

How to Plant and Grow Golden Zucchini

A close up of a golden zucchini growing in the garden, with bright yellow fruits in various stages of maturity, pictured in light sunshine.

Grow a super food summer squash in a fresh yellow color! Golden zucchini are a bit sweeter than green varieties and nearly as productive. The shape makes them superior for zoodles, and their color’s a benefit in the kitchen and garden alike. Have some fun, follow these tips, and you’ll soon be harvesting summer gold.

How to Manage Blossom-End Rot in Zucchini

A close up horizontal image zucchini, whole and sliced set on a wooden chopping board.

Zucchini blossom-end rot is a common problem that can ruin ripening fruits and drastically reduce your harvest. The disorder is caused by a calcium deficiency, and adding more calcium to the soil doesn’t really help – but proper watering does. Learn all about zucchini blossom-end rot causes and treatment. Read more now.

9 of the Best Companion Plants to Grow with Zucchini

A horizontal image of a gardener holding a freshly harvested, single green zucchini pictured on a soft focus background.

Companion planting can reduce the need for chemicals to keep your garden happy. They can repel pests, add nutrients to the soil, and provide other benefits. The wrong plants can do the opposite, attracting bad bugs, depleting the soil, and wreaking havoc. Here are the best and worst companion plants for zucchini.

How to Protect Zucchini from Frost

A close up horizontal image of a zucchini plant damaged by frost.

When frost or freezing weather threatens zucchini plants in your garden, there are steps you can take to protect them. From row covers and other protective strategies to planning your plantings ahead of time, growing suitable varieties for your area, and starting seeds indoors. Learn frost protection tips in this guide.

When and How to Prune Zucchini Plants

A horizontal image of a raised bed garden outside a brick home with a large squash plant growing with beets.

Zucchini plants may need pruning to get rid of damaged or diseased leaves, or to discourage crowding and shading. Our guide tells how and when to prune zucchini without harming the vines or bush plants. It also shares ways to avoid this garden chore with ample spacing and by choosing compact varieties to grow. Read more.

How to Protect Zucchini Plants from Pests

A close up horizontal image of zucchini plants with ripe fruits growing in the garden.

Zucchini is an integral part of a summer vegetable garden, but if the plants aren’t protected, pests like aphids and squash bugs can cause serious damage. While they are easy to grow, knowing how to protect your plants can improve your harvest. Discover the best options for protecting your plants in this guide.

Why Zucchini Blossoms Drop and What to Do About It

A close up horizontal image of a zucchini flower growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

When zucchini drop their flowers without producing squash, don’t panic. It could be the male flowers dropping after they release pollen, which is harmless. Or the zucchini could be suffering from poor pollination or cutworm damage. Address the root causes and learn to prevent them in the first place with our guide.

How to Fertilize Zucchini Plants

A close up horizontal image of a ripe zucchini ready to harvest growing in the garden in light filtered sunshine.

Delicious and incredibly versatile, zucchini is an easy-to-grow favorite among foodies and gardeners. This guide will walk you through the steps required to give your plants the nutrients they need to flourish! Read on to get the scoop on how and when to feed your zucchini for healthier plants and increased yield.