Massive wisteria vine with purple flowers.


Are you looking to add some beautiful foliage and fragrant blooms to your garden? Then look no further than wisteria vines! With their cascading, graceful clusters of showy blossoms that come in lavenders, purples and whites, these stunning flowering plants are sure to be a highlight of any outdoor area. Plus they are relatively easy-to-grow and require only basic upkeep if well cared for. Read our detailed guides down below to learn how to successfully grow and care for your own wisteria vines.

17 of the Best Wisteria Varieties

A close up horizontal image of purple wisteria flowers blooming in evening sunshine pictured on a soft focus background.

Wisterias come in a range of exciting varieties, including native types that won’t become invasive, but still grow quickly and well. They can have white, pink, purple, lavender, or blue blossoms. Some bloom once, and others return for a second flush later in the year. Meet 17 of the best options in this guide.

How to Grow and Care for Wisteria

A horizontal image of Chinese wisteria growing on a stone wall with pretty purple flowers cascading over the side.

A wisteria in bloom is like something out of a fairy tale, with otherworldly clusters of purple, white, or pink blossoms dripping all over the vine. But it can quickly become a nightmare if it grows where you don’t want it to. Learn how to grow this plant properly so that you can enjoy the blooms without the drama.