Close up of ripe strawberries growing on the plant.


Are you looking for a fun and tasty way to add some excitement to your garden? Why not try growing strawberry plants? Strawberries are a great choice for gardeners of all levels of experience, and they’re easy to care for.

In our guides below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about growing strawberries, from choosing the right spot in your garden to ensuring that your plants produce plenty of delicious fruit. We also cover pest and disease control, cultivar selection advice, propagation methods, and tips on harvesting your crop. New to growing this tasty fruit? Start with our 101 growing guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Strawberries at Home

A close up horizontal image of ripe red strawberries ready to harvest.

It’s really sad when you purchase a good-looking batch of strawberries only to find them bland, tart, or worse – nothing but mush. Have you tried growing your own? As a cold hardy perennial, you’ll be surprised how little is involved in growing a plant or two for some delicious snacking. Read more on Gardener’s Path.

35 of the Best Strawberry Varieties for Home Gardeners

Ripe red strawberries growing on the vine in a home home garden.

Want to grow your own strawberries? There’s a huge variety of cultivars to choose from, from tiny alpines to juicy giants, in shades of red, white, yellow, and even purple. Some offer extra disease resistance, or stunning flowers. To make your selection a little easier, check out our roundup of top picks now.

How and When to Harvest Strawberries

A close up horizontal image of a hand from the left of the frame picking ripe strawberries from the garden.

Strawberries are heavenly when you pick them off the plant at the peak of ripeness. More than many other fruits, they have a very narrow window and you need to act fast when they’re ready. Otherwise, you risk pulling them when they’re young and bitter, or old and mushy. Here’s how and when to harvest strawberries.

How to Put Strawberry Plants to Bed for the Winter

A close up horizontal image of a strawberry plant growing in the garden under a thin layer of snow.

Strawberries are suited to cultivation in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 10. With the proper winter care, hardy varieties can come back year after year and yield abundant harvests of sweet and juicy berries. Learn how to prepare and protect your strawberry plants during the winter months in this guide. Read more now.

How to Control Gray Mold (Botrytis Rot) on Strawberries

A close up of strawberries growing in the garden, the one on the left is infected by Botrytis and is covered in a gray mold that is spreading to the ripe fruit beside it.

Gray mold on strawberries is a disease caused by Botrytis that is very common throughout the world, and difficult to control. The fungus is even resistant to most fungicides. Read more now to learn what steps you can take to control this potentially devastating fungus, and prevent it from ruining your harvest.