The Complete Guide to Growing Pineapples at Home

A close up horizontal image of whole and sliced pineapples set on a wooden surface.

If you’re curious about how pineapples grow and want to learn how to plant them at home, you’ve come to the right place. The attractive plants can be cultivated outdoors in warmer climates or grown as houseplants elsewhere, and they may even reward you with a harvest of homegrown fruit! Read more now.

How to Regrow Pineapple from Kitchen Scraps

On the edge of a tan gravel path are two ceramic pots. In the visible vessel, a pineapple plant is growing with long, green leaves reaching out in all directions. The bricks that line the walkway mark the barrier for other small plants to thrive.

Would you like to grow a beautiful plant that’s virtually free? Pineapple plants are easy to grow from a part of a grocery-store fruit you would normally relegate to the compost bin. Learn how to prepare, grow, and nurture your own beautiful tropical plant in this article from Gardener’s Path that’s all about rebirth.