17 of the Best Species of Peperomia to Grow at Home

A close up horizontal image of different types of peperomia plants growing in pots.

Peperomias come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, leaf textures, and growth habits. There are species that look like succulents, and others that have lush, textured foliage. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably a radiator plant to fit the bill. Learn about 17 of the best peperomia varieties to grow at home.

Growing Peperomias: How to Care for Radiator Plants

A close up horizontal image of a small peperomia plant growing in a decorative pot set on a windowsill pictured on a soft focus background.

Get ready to meet peperomias! These unfussy and diverse houseplants come in multiple growth habits, sizes, and foliage shapes and colors. They’re undemanding, and bring greenery into your space without asking for much in return. Ready to learn how to plant, propagate, and care for radiator plants? Let’s get growing.