Wide shot show palm tree canopy and blue sky with white puffy clouds.

Palm Trees

Are you looking for an easy way to spruce up your outdoor living space? Planting Palm Trees can be the perfect solution for those in tropical or warmer temperate climates. With their long, lush fronds and interesting shapes, palm trees are a great choice for adding depth and definition to your garden. Not only will they bring a touch of tropical beauty into your yard, but they can also provide shade on hot summer days.

New to palm trees? Start with our 101 growing and care guide.

What to Do if Your Palm Tree Is Dropping Fronds

A close up horizontal image of a palm tree silhouetted against a red sky at sunset.

Get expert advice on saving palm trees that have lost their fronds. The key steps involve assessing the plant’s health, addressing any issues like nutrient deficiencies or pests, and providing proper irrigation and pruning. By following these guidelines, palm trees can be revived and restored to their majestic state.

How to Grow and Care for Palm Trees

A horizontal image of coconut palms pictured on a blue sky background.

If you’re looking for gorgeous plants that thrive in the tropics or subtropics, try palm trees! With over 2,600 species, there’s a member of the Arecaceae for practically every landscape. In this guide, we’ll cover how to grow and care for palms, along with a few of the best species for gardeners. Read more now.