Top down view of various types of lithops or stone plants.


Are you looking for something unique and special to add a touch of pizzazz to your warm weather home garden or sunny interior spaces? Look no further than these amazing living stone plants, or lithops! These unique little succulents feature show-stopping colors and patterns reminiscent of real rocks. Furthermore, they are incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for. In the guides down below, you’ll find growing and care tips, pest and disease control advice, and lists of recommended species to make your own beautiful presentations of these living “stones.” New to growing lithops? Start with our 101-guide.

37 Types of Lithops Living Stone Succulents

A close up horizontal image of a number of different colorful living stone plants surrounded by small rocks.

Lithops are fascinating little succulents that need lots of bright light and little water. These mimicry plants grow in an array of colorations and patterns that may seem difficult to tell apart at first glance. Explore the wonderful world of lithops, keep reading now to learn about 37 different types of living stones.

How to Grow and Care for Lithops Living Stone Plants

A close up horizontal image of lithops aka living stone plants growing outdoors on a rocky outcrop.

Ultra drought-tolerant, living stones are intriguing succulents. These fleshy plants mimic rocks to survive and thrive in tough locations. However, their surprising resilience in nature means they have special needs when grown as houseplants. Learn all about lithops and how to care for them in this guide. Read more now.