How to Grow Mother of Millions Succulents (Chandelier Plants)

A close up horizontal image of the succulent foliage and tiny plantlets of a mother of millions (Kalanchoe delagoensis) plant.

Easy to propagate and low-maintenance, mother of millions produces baby plantlets on its leaf tips. Also known as the chandelier plant, it’s a favorite for beginners and indoor gardeners on a budget. Learn how to grow and care for these unique succulents both indoors as a houseplant or out in the landscape. Read more now.

How to Force Flaming Katy Kalanchoe to Flower

A close up horizontal image of bright orange flowers and buds of a flaming Katy (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana) plant growing indoors.

You don’t have to toss florist’s kalanchoe after it’s done blooming. Our guide provides step-by-step instructions for forcing new blooms from the flaming Katy ornamental succulents. If you have a place to keep this houseplant in the dark and a little patience, it will reward you with another show of beautiful flowers.

How to Grow Flaming Katy Kalanchoe

A close up horizontal image of the delicate flowers of flaming Katy (florist's kalanchoe) pictured on a dark soft focus background.

Flaming Katy is a blooming succulent you can grow indoors, or outside in Zones 10 to 12. Learn how to propagate and care for florist’s kalanchoe in our guide, whether you’re growing it as a houseplant or as an outdoor perennial in warm regions. The flowers are cheery and plants are easy to start from cuttings to share.

How to Grow and Care for Kalanchoe

A close up horizontal image of colorful kalanchoe plants growing in pots.

The Kalanchoe genus includes a range of perennial succulents that are hardy in Zones 9-12, depending on the variety. Our guide explains how to grow kalanchoe outdoors in warm areas or indoors as a houseplant. And it’s easily propagated from cuttings, seeds, or plantlets produced on leaf edges. Read more now.