How to Propagate Ivy from Cuttings

A horizontal close up of white-edged ivy leaves.

Growing new ivy plants from cuttings is an easy way to increase your collection as they root easily and can be started in either potting soil or water. Propagating these plants makes for a fun indoor gardening project – even for beginners. Learn how to propagate ivy cuttings in this guide. Read more now.

English Ivy Houseplants: How to Care For Hedera Helix Indoors

A close up horizontal image of an English ivy plant trailing over the side of a white pot.

Charming ivy is tough as nails outdoors. Most gardeners spend more time trying to contain it than they do nurturing it. But it’s a different story indoors. This classic plant needs food, water, and the right light, of course, but special care is required if you want to raise it as a houseplant. Read more now.