11 of the Best Hens and Chicks Varieties

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different hens and chicks (Sempervivum) growing in a succulent garden.

All types of Sempervivum are easy-care, drought- and deer-resistant succulents suited to growing in containers or as ground cover. But which is best for you? Simplify the selection with our roundup of 11 of our favorite hens and chicks in various colors including lilac, red, and black, and one with a cobweb texture.

Do Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum) Plants Bloom?

A close up horizontal image of hens and chicks plants growing in the garden sporting pink flowers.

Can you expect your hens and chicks to bloom? Our guide explains how aging or stress causes succulent Sempervivum plants to form dainty flowers that are usually pink. After blooming just once, the plant dies. We also share tips for recognizing developing buds and keeping offsets alive once the parent plant passes on.

Growing Hens and Chicks: How to Care for Sempervivum Plants

A close up horizontal image of a colorful succulent garden featuring hens and chicks.

Hens and chicks have been a longtime favorite, especially for those gardeners who don’t have a lot of time to tend to their plants. These succulents are eager to grow in the poorest, driest soils, dividing freely to fill those inhospitable places. Learn about growing hens and chicks in our guide. Read more now.