When to Prune Old vs New Wood and How to Tell the Difference

A close up horizontal image of a hand from the right of the frame using a pair of secateurs to prune the branches of a shrub.

When it comes to pruning, knowing the difference between new and old wood is crucial. If you prune either one at the wrong time, it’s entirely possible that you’ll destroy that year’s fruit or floral display. Learn about the difference between the two types of growth so you can prune for the best health and display.

How to Identify and Control Cotton Root Rot in Fruit and Nut Trees

Dead fruit trees killed from cotton root rot (Phymatotrichum omnivorum) in an orchard setting.

Cotton root rot infects more than 2,300 plant species in the southwest, including apples, peaches, almonds, and most other fruit and nut trees. While the disease is usually fatal, there are some steps you can take that might save your tree. Read on at Gardener’s Paths to find what to do if your tree has this disease.