15 Tropical Herbs and Spices to Grow in Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different herbs and spices both fresh and dried.

Looking for tropical herbs and spices to grow in the garden? Take a look at our selection of warming rhizomes, flavorful leaves, and spicy seeds and fruits – these options are delicious additions to the homegrown spice rack. Keep reading to discover 15 different tropical herbs and spices you can grow in the backyard.

5 of the Best Ways to Freeze Fresh Herbs

A close up horizontal image of a wooden tray with freshly harvested parsley, rosemary, thyme, sage, and chives, all tied in individual bunches with string and set on a wooden surface.

When your herb garden produces more than you can use fresh, freezing is a great way to preserve their flavor, fragrance, and nutrition. It’s fast, easy, and there’s no specialized equipment needed. Plus, it’s a smart way to reduce food waste. Learn about five of the best ways to freeze herbs in this guide. Read more now.

How to Start Your Own Herb Garden

A garden scene of fresh herbs growing outdoors in terra cotta pots.

Why not try starting an herb garden this spring? There are many edible, medicinal, fragrant, and ornamental herbs to choose from. And there are gardening options for everyone, whether it’s in the landscape or in raised beds, window boxes, or pots. Learn how to start your own herb garden this spring. Read more now.

Spring Care Tips for Your Herb Garden

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Herbs are wonderfully low maintenance plants. And with just a little bit of care and attention in the spring, these aromatic, tasty, and healthful edibles will flourish for your enjoyment. From top-dressing to propagating, join us for all the details you need on how to care for your herb garden!

How to Create a Fragrant Garden Plan

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Are you interested in growing a fragrant garden? Adding aromatics can help promote your well-being by relaxing and rejuvenating you. Create the fragrant garden of your dreams with a seasonal plan, and feel inspired by scent-sational plants highlighted in our guide. We give you the framework to make it your own!

27 of the Best Shade-Loving Herbs for Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of a herb garden in light filtered sunshine.

Shade is wonderful when you’re overheated and need a spot to escape from the heat of the sun, but it can be a serious challenge when it comes to the herb garden. Whether you like the flavor or make medicinal tea with herbs, many prefer a good amount of sunshine. Now, meet 27 herbs that produce well even in shady spots.

9 Fast-Growing Vegetables and Herbs to Pep Up Your Pantry Menu

A vegetable garden with rows of mature crops in bright sunshine.

Impatient for a homegrown harvest you can serve or snack on? Opt for quick-growing vegetables and herbs that yield tasty, fresh ingredients, some in just 14 days. These early-season homegrown shoots, microgreens, and even a flower will perk up your end of winter, pantry-based meals. Forget slow and steady! Read more.

How to Grow Herbs in a Greenhouse

A close up horizontal image of potted herbs growing in a greenhouse.

If you can’t imagine winter without heaps of fresh herbs to use in the kitchen, we get it. A sprig of fresh basil or chives makes all the difference, improving and adding flavor to homemade meals. Read more to learn about growing herbs in greenhouses so you don’t have to be without, even at the coldest time of year.

How to Winterize Your Herb Garden

A horizontal image of a large rosemary shrub with blue flowers growing on a hillside with the sea in the background.

Protecting heat-loving herbs through the short days and cold temperatures of winter is a smart move that results in the return of healthy, vibrant plants in spring. Learn which plants to bring indoors and which can stay outside with the right protection. In a few simple steps, learn how to winterize your herb garden.

23 Cold-Hardy Herbs that Survive Winter

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different types of cold-hardy herbs.

When you sow cold-hardy culinary and medicinal herbs, you don’t have to plant them every year. From bergamot to wintergreen, there are sweet and savory perennial and biennial species and cultivars for use in a variety of dishes. Learn about 23 of our cold-hardy favorites to grow at home. Read more now.

Tips for Companion Planting in Your Herb Garden

A horizontal image of a raised garden bed planted with a variety of different herbs and vegetables.

Herbs make powerful companion plants, and not just in your vegetable patch. With strong aromas and tastes, their pest-repelling, beneficial insect-attracting, and other benefits can extend to fellow herbs as well. Learn which ones do well planted near each other, and which don’t enjoy each other’s company.

How to Dry Fresh Garden Herbs

A close up horizontal image of bunches of fresh garden herbs hanging up to dry.

Humans have been drying herbs for as long as we’ve been cultivating plants, and for good reason. It’s a classic choice for preserving all that flavorful goodness, retaining flavor while preventing rot so you can enjoy the harvest for months to come. Learn more about this simple process, with several options to choose.

39 Common Weeds That You Can Eat or Use for Medicine

A close up horizontal image of dead nettles growing wild pictured on a soft focus background.

Weeds can be wonderful. Don’t believe me? One bite of chickweed salad and you’ll probably be begging the notorious weed to visit your garden. Even the dreaded kudzu or garlic mustard can be welcome visitors once you know what to do with them. Learn about 39 common weeds that are both edible and have medicinal uses now.

Combat Cold Season Naturally with Herbs and Plants from the Garden

A close up of the ingredients of a herbal apoethecary.

Herbs, flowers, and fruits have been used for millennia to provide natural, wholesome relief from the discomfort of cold and flu symptoms – and many can be grown in your own garden. Join us now for a look at some of the most popular and easily grown plant-based medicinals to combat cold season naturally with herbs.

Tips for Growing an Abundant Edible Herb Garden

A close up horizontal image of an abundant herb garden growing a variety of different plants.

Highly aromatic and flavorful for beverages, cooking, and the grill, herbs also have pretty flowers that attract important pollinators. And they’re among the best companion plants for keeping flower and veggie patches healthy and pest free. Join us now and read all the best tips for edible herb gardens in this guide.

The Top 5 Mediterranean Herbs: Growing, Eating, and Healing

Different kinds of Mediterranean herbs in terracotta pots.

What should you start growing in your culinary herb garden? Consider the five most common Mediterranean seasoning herbs to start – they’re not just easy to plant and harvest, either indoors or out in your garden, they also help to bring out exceptional flavors in your meals while adding natural, healthy healing elements to foods and natural remedies. Read more now.

How to Grow Herbs in Containers

A close up of a variety of different herbs growing in small colorful pots outdoors on a wooden surface.

For incomparable fresh flavors, a container herb garden provides a quick, efficient, and affordable way to grow your own, even in the smallest space. They’re attractive with pretty flowers and delightfully fragrant. And once planted, they’re low-maintenance, fast growing, and highly rewarding. Find our easy tips here.

Are Plants that Repel Mosquitoes a Scam?

Closeup shot of a brown striped mosquito on a bright green shiny leaf.

While you may have heard of mosquito-repelling plants, and while there are some that contain substances that do indeed repel the dreaded pests, it’s a bit more complicated than simply adding new plants to the landscape. At Gardener’s Path now, learn the best way to keep mosquitoes from biting at backyard barbecues.