How to Grow Feverfew: A Medicinal and Visual Delight

A close up horizontal image of Tanacetum parthenium flowers growing in the garden.

Widely considered by herbalists to be a natural remedy for headaches, feverfew also happens to be an attractive landscaping plant. With white and yellow daisy-like flowers atop green feathery stems, this colorful herb is a fantastic addition to the garden. Learn how to plant and grow feverfew in this guide. Read more now.

How to Harvest Feverfew

A border of feverfew plants growing next to a concrete walkway in bright sunshine. The white petals contrast with the yellow centers and green leaves. The background is a stone wall.

Feverfew, with its long history of use as a medicinal herb, has recently made a comeback in modern gardens. You’ll enjoy its therapeutic properties, particularly as a remedy for migraines, as well as its attractive daisy-like flowers. To learn how to harvest and use this powerful plant, read more now.