How to Install a Deer Fence to Keep Wildlife Out of the Garden

Black net deer fencing alone a stone retaining wall, with grass and trees on the other side.

If you’re sick of shaking your head when you look at the damage deer do to your hostas, roses, and fruit trees, you aren’t alone. Installing a deer fence is the best option to keep those voracious critters out of your garden and yard. Read more now on Gardener’s Path to learn how to install your own DIY fence.

Get Them Deer Out of Here with These Tips

Closeup of the head of a deer with large ears, caught eating plants in the garden, among small pink flowers with a white picket fence in the background.

Battling deer set on destroying our work in the garden doesn’t need to be as challenging as we might think. Approaching the situation with knowledge, the right game plan, and a good set of tools is the solution to preventing this frustrating pest. Read on to learn more about how to keep the deer away from your yard.

15 Best Deer-Resistant Landscape Trees for Your Yard

A buck deer eating the leaves of a mature tree.

Love ‘em or not, deer are going to be around for as long as we’ve got gardens. The best way to prevent damage is to avoid offering up trees and plants they find palatable, and to fill the landscape with resistant flora. Check out our list of the top deer-resistant trees for your growing zone now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Protect Your Tulips from Deer

A close up horizontal image of a deer in the snow eating flowers in the garden.

Do you know who loves tulips just as much as you do? Deer, that’s who. They love the bulbs, leaves, and blossoms more than just about anything else. They’ll go out of their way, through deterrents and from afar, to find and eat tulips. In this guide, we’ll explain how to enjoy your tulips while keeping the deer away.

How to Keep Moose Out of Your Garden and Orchard

A large bull elk in the autumn landscape with large antlers and trees in soft focus in the background.

If you call wild moose your neighbors, you probably know how hard it is to keep them out of your garden and away from your trees. All your hard work can be torn to shreds in an instant by those huge, hungry mouths. In this article, we share top tips for keeping moose out of your garden and orchard. Read more now.