How to Make Dandelion Tea Fertilizer from Unwanted Weeds

A close up horizontal image of yellow dandelion flowers growing as weeds in a lawn pictured on a soft focus background.

Put your weeds to good use by making dandelion tea fertilizer. It’s surprisingly easy to do; all you need is a container, dandelions, and water. It naturally ferments over time with little effort or time on your part. Not only does it cost next to nothing, it’s also a great option for organic gardeners! Read more.

How to Grow and Harvest Dandelions for Greens, Roots, and Flowers

A close up horizontal image of the bright yellow flowers of Taraxacum officinale growing in the garden to harvest for leaves and blossoms.

You may think of dandelions as invasive weeds, but did you know that the greens, flowers, and roots are edible? Delicious and nutritious, leaves can be added to salads, flowers made into a tea, and the roots can be used as a coffee substitute. Learn how to cultivate and harvest dandelions in this guide. Read more now.

Fun With Dandelions: Food and Medicine

Dandelion flowers, leaves, and even the roots can be used for food and to create herbal remedies. | Gardener's Path

Although most folks dismiss it as a weed, dandelions are some of the tastiest and nutritious herbs growing wild. Super simple to collect and use, this common legume has many medicinal uses and has been used historically to cure and treat all sorts of ailments. Find out more now!