Close up of the leaves of a Cuban oregano plant.

Cuban Oregano

Cuban oregano is a herb that grows in tropical regions throughout the world and has been used for centuries to make flavorful dishes. It’s not a true oregano, it’s actually a member of the Coleus genus. Learn to grow and harvest this herb with our guides down below and experience its spicy, aromatic flavor in Indian and Caribbean based foods in your own kitchen. Happy gardening!

Tips for Growing Cuban Oregano in Your Indoor Kitchen Garden

A close up horizontal image of a small Coleus amboinicus plant growing in a small plastic pot set on a wooden surface indoors.

Do you want to add an aromatic herb with bold flavor to your indoor kitchen garden? Look no further than Cuban oregano, a type of coleus that tastes like its namesake but twice as strong. A semi-succulent that’s tasty and beautiful, Cuban oregano cheers up any kitchen windowsill and livens up any dish. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Cuban Oregano

A close up horizontal image of a cuban oregano plant (Coleus amboinicus) growing in the garden in filtered sunshine.

Are you looking for a semi-succulent perennial to add to your herb garden that’s suited to warm climates? Meet Cuban oregano, an edible coleus plant that tastes like a stronger version of common oregano. Versatile and pretty to look at, Cuban oregano is a must-grow for those in Zones 9-11. Read more now.