25 of the Best Winter Flowers for Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of pink camellia flowers covered in a dusting of snow.

There’s no reason to settle for a drab, gray garden during the winter. Here are 25 suggestions, plants that can transform your cold weather landscape with color whether you need a shrub or a ground cover, to bring some delight when your garden needs it most. From hellebores to mahonia, we have every garden covered.

27 Vibrant Color Choices for the Fall Landscape

A close up horizontal image of bright yellow chrysanthemum flowers growing in the fall landscape pictured on a soft focus background.

Welcome autumn in brilliant style with late-season flora that showcases vivid flowers, foliage, and berries. Enhance an existing landscape or dedicate new areas of your outdoor living space to energizing pinks, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows. Choose your favorites from our list and prepare for a spectacular fall.

How to Store Carrots In the Ground

A close up picture of a brown plastic basket full of harvested bright orange carrots with their green foliage removed.

When it’s time to harvest your crops, have you ever wondered what to do with an overabundance of root vegetables? What if your homegrown carrots could be left in the soil for the winter? Leaving carrots in the ground is a great way to keep them fresh during the winter months – given the right conditions. Read more now.

How to Winterize Hardy Garden Mums

A close up horizontal image of pink chrysanthemums growing in the garden with frost on the plants.

You’ve enjoyed their vibrant autumn color and now winter is creeping in. But what if you’re not ready to say goodbye to your mums? Rather than tossing them out, our helpful guide will show you how to overwinter your plants so you can enjoy them year after year, from fall prep to spring care. Read more now.

How to Make a Fresh and Festive Holiday Sparkle Centerpiece

Overhead shot of a centerpiece comprised of white chrysanthemums, grasses, rose hips, and twigs from the garden, at the center of a table set with two white and orange plates with cream-colored cloth napkins tied with gold ribbon on top, with silverware at each place setting, on a cream-colored tablecloth with a gold and silver snowflake pattern.

Arranging fresh flowers for the table is easy when you follow these instructions for our festive holiday sparkle centerpiece. Choose flowers from your local market, make a container from an everyday item, and use your garden’s off-season treasures to craft glittering accents. Let’s get started, here on Gardener’s Path.