7 Reasons Why Your Burning Bush May Not Turn Red

A close up horizontal image of the bright red foliage of Euonymus alatus in the fall garden pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

Whether it appears alone, in groups, or as part of an expansive hedge, the burning bush is an autumn sensation. With its scarlet leaves burning brightly under the late season sun, it usually makes a dramatic statement. However, sometimes it isn’t as colorful as we’d like. Read on for seven reasons why this may happen.

How to Grow and Care for Burning Bushes

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of a burning bush (Euonymus alata) changing color in the fall.

Burning bushes are deciduous shrubs that light up autumn landscapes with their scarlet foliage. However, in some states, non-native species have been declared invasive. Read on to learn how to grow burning bushes, and get a recommendation for a beautiful native variety to cultivate where non-native species are banned.