How to Grow and Care for Azalea Bushes

A close up horizontal image of bright pink azalea flowers growing in the garden pictured in light sunshine.

Brightly colored with long-lasting flowers, azaleas make a striking statement in the garden. Ideal for borders, beds, and foundation plantings, these shrubs provide months of vibrant blooms, with sweet or spicy fragrance, and pretty fall foliage as well. Learn how to grow and care for azaleas in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Florist’s Azaleas Indoors

A close up horizontal image of a florist's azalea (Rhododendron simsii) with bright pink flowers.

Maybe you received a florist’s azalea as a gift, or you saw the bright-blooming beauty in the store and decided to give it a home? Maybe you’ve heard these azaleas don’t typically last long, but what if you could help yours to live a long life? We’ll show you how to do just that. Read about growing azaleas indoors now.

Azalea Bloom Times and Flowering Groups

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different colored azalea flowers growing in the garden.

Azaleas are a mainstay of the spring garden, but the show doesn’t have to end just because the season does. With several summer and fall flowering specimens, you can enjoy their gorgeous floral display right until frosty temperatures arrive. Read all about azalea bloom times and flowering groups for months of flowers.

21 of the Best Azaleas for Your Garden and Yard

A horizontal image of large azalea bushes in full bloom in a botanical garden with trees and shrubs in the background.

Bright and beautiful, azaleas add gorgeous colors in spring, summer, and fall. Tidy, low maintenance shrubs, they’re suitable for light shade to full sun and sparkle in borders, containers, foundations, flowering hedges, woodland edges, and more. Discover 21 of the best azaleas for your garden and yard in this guide.

How to Propagate Azaleas for Gorgeous New Shrubs

A close up horizontal image of azaleas blooming in the garden in a mixed planting with lawn in soft focus in the background.

Because hybrid cultivars don’t grow true from seed, three smart ways to increase and enjoy beautiful azaleas in your yard or garden is to multiply them vegetatively through cuttings or by stem or air layering. Learn how to propagate azaleas for gorgeous new shrubs in this step by step guide. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Azaleas in Containers

A close up horizontal image of potted Rhododendron flowers growing at a plant nursery.

If you love the bright, elegant flowers of azaleas but don’t have room in your garden, why not try growing them in containers instead? You can also liven up your porch, deck, or patio with the luxurious bursts of color. Learn how to grow azaleas in pots and discover our top container-friendly cultivars in this guide.