Green avocado fruits hanging from the tree.

Avocado Trees

Growing avocados in your home garden is a great way to get the fresh, organic fruit you love year-round. In warmer climates, these make great shade trees for the yard and in cooler climates, they can be grown in containers and overwintered as a large house plant or kept in a greenhouse.

In the guides below, find out how to grow and care for your avocado trees, which common pests and diseases to watch out for, when and how to harvest, how to prune, and other useful tips.

9 of the Best Cold-Hardy Avocado Trees

Close up of ripe avocado fruit hanging from tree branches.

If you live in a colder climate but still want to grow avocados, you’ll need to choose a cold-hardy variety. Luckily, there are several cultivars available that can tolerate the cold, and still thrive. Discover the best cold tolerant avocado varieties that can withstand freezing temperatures and still produce fruit.

How to Grow and Care for Avocado Trees

A close up horizontal image of two avocados growing on the tree, ready for harvest, pictured in light sunshine on a soft focus background.

The avocado tree yields a deliciously healthy fruit that tastes fantastic in many different cuisines, and the tree itself is quite aesthetic. In our guide on growing Persea americana, we’ll cover the propagation protocols, cultivation how-to’s, and harvesting tips that’ll help you to yield your own tasty avocados.

Growing Avocado Seeds: A Fun Project to Do with the Kids

A close up horizontal image of a small glass with an avocado seed held in the water with toothpicks, set on a wooden surface with a wooden wall in the background.

Store bought avocado seeds can be turned into a simple, fun project that you can do with children, at home or in the classroom. This educational activity extends learning opportunities through the summer. Demonstrate the plant life cycle and spark a love of gardening by growing a lovely tree to enjoy for years to come.