How to Make Dandelion Tea Fertilizer from Unwanted Weeds

A close up horizontal image of yellow dandelion flowers growing as weeds in a lawn pictured on a soft focus background.

Put your weeds to good use by making dandelion tea fertilizer. It’s surprisingly easy to do; all you need is a container, dandelions, and water. It naturally ferments over time with little effort or time on your part. Not only does it cost next to nothing, it’s also a great option for organic gardeners! Read more.

Troubleshooting and Preventing Carrot Growing Problems

A close up horizontal image of a row of carrots ready for harvest growing in dark, rich soil.

Carrots are popular in the vegetable garden, but these root crops are quite particular about their growing conditions. Development problems can occur due to a variety of factors, from moisture management to temperature troubles. Learn how to troubleshoot and prevent carrot growing problems in this guide. Read more.

Why Carrots Crack: Tips for Preventing Split Roots

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested carrots that are cracked and deformed set on dark rich soil.

Whether you’re a home gardener or you hope to sell your harvest, growing “pretty produce” is hard. Many root vegetables may crack. But split carrots, while edible and usually delicious, are some of the worst offenders. Thankfully, this is easy to prevent through better moisture management and by making other changes.

How to Control Beetles on Green Bean Plants

A close up horizontal image of green beans growing in the garden pictured on a soft focus background.

From bean leaf beetles to cucumber beetles, many insects will attack green beans. There are many ways to control these pests organically, and protect your plants from the damage they cause. Row covers and neem oil are the heavy hitters, perfect to include in your organic arsenal for keeping pests at bay. Read more now.

How to Protect Zucchini Plants from Pests

A close up horizontal image of zucchini plants with ripe fruits growing in the garden.

Zucchini is an integral part of a summer vegetable garden, but if the plants aren’t protected, pests like aphids and squash bugs can cause serious damage. While they are easy to grow, knowing how to protect your plants can improve your harvest. Discover the best options for protecting your plants in this guide.

How to Plant and Grow Spaghetti Squash

A close up horizontal image of a spaghetti squash ripening on the vine pictured in light filtered sunshine.

Spaghetti squash is a type of winter squash that has spaghetti-like strands commonly used as an alternative to starchy noodles. The plants are heat tolerant and easy to cultivate, and can even grow in small space gardens with trellising. Learn how to plant and grow your own in this guide. Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Lamb’s Ear

A top down image of a Stachys byzantina plant growing in a garden border.

Lamb’s ears is a perennial ground cover that’s easy to grow in well-draining soil and in full or partial sun. It features thick, silvery leaves and beautiful purple flowers, making it a good choice for landscaping. And its fuzzy foliage make it a popular addition to children’s and sensory gardens as well. Read more now.