Rows of agave plants in a desert environment.


Move over cacti, there’s a new succulent in town! Agave plants are gaining in popularity as homeowners look for interesting and low-maintenance plants to add to their gardens. With their spiky leaves and unique shape, agaves make a dramatic statement in any setting. But how do you care for them? And what are the best ways to use them in your yard or garden? Use our guides down below to find out! If this is your first foray into the world of agave, start here.

How to Grow and Care for Agave in the Garden

A close up horizontal image of a large century plant growing in the landscape pictured in light sunshine.

Agaves range in size, shape, and color, from stunning emerald and white to blue-green, and they’re sure to catch the eye. They can hold their own as a focal feature, a gorgeous addition to a succulent garden, or mixed with other drought tolerant plants. Learn how to grow and care for agaves in this guide. Read more now.

Agave or Aloe? How to Tell These Plants Apart

A horizontal image of a pathway through a garden flanked on either side by a variety of succulents, including aloe and agave.

Get serious about succulents and learn the difference between agave and aloe. Don’t let their resemblance fool you anymore! After reading about them individually and discovering their notable differences, it’s simple to tell these stunning drought-tolerant plants apart – and they make a fantastic pair in the garden.