A mass planting of venus flytraps with their mouth-like leaves open to receive insects.

Venus Flytraps

Are you looking for a unique houseplant that can serve as a conversation piece? Look no further than the Venus flytrap! This fascinating and unusual plant requires some special care, but with the right guidance, you’ll be able to add this beautiful species to your indoor spaces or warm weather home garden. With their signature snapping traps, carnivorous capabilities, and wide variety of edible insects that they prey on, these exotic plants are sure to liven up any space. Peruse our guides below to learn the tips and tricks on caring for your own plants. Or start with our 101 growing guide.

How to Encourage a Venus Flytrap to Close

A close up horizontal image of a Venus flytrap plant growing wild outdoors.

Venus flytraps grow in Zones 7 to 10 and as houseplants elsewhere. These carnivorous plants are native to North and South Carolina marshes and are best known for their unique foliage that resemble tiny monster jaws. Learn more about how to encourage Venus flytraps to close their leaves in this guide. Read more now.

Why Is My Venus Flytrap Turning Black?

A close up shot of a Venus flytrap trap with an additional trap in the background blurred out.

Venus flytraps are unique and beautiful carnivorous plants, known for their fussy care requirements. If you notice that the foliage is starting to turn black, you’ll need to act quickly to figure out what’s going on. Discover five common causes for Venus flytraps turning black and what to do about it. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Venus Flytrap Houseplants

A horizontal image of venus flytrap plants growing outdoors in a carnivorous plant garden.

The Venus flytrap is a marvel of the botanical world. While most plants feed from their roots and require nutrient-rich soil, this plant chooses to lure and devour insects to get what it needs. This incredible evolutionary trait has made it a favorite for those who collect and grow distinctive plants. Read more.