Mass planting of ti plants growing in a shady garden.

Ti Plants

Are you looking to liven up your garden or indoor spaces with something different? If so, Hawaiian ti plants (Cordyline fruticose) are definitely worth considering. Not only are they incredibly hardy and resilient plants, but the vibrant colors of their foliage make them an eye-catching addition to any warm climate garden or for use as houseplants. Use our guides below to find essential ti plant growing tips and information that will help you become more knowledgeable about how to give it the care it needs in order to thrive! New to caring for ti plants? Start with our 101 growing guide.

Tips for Growing Ti Plants Outdoors

A horizontal shot of a colony of dark purple, pink, and green ti plants growing outdoors.

Whether grown as a solitary specimen or as a mass of accent plantings, Hawaiian ti plants are beautiful tropical additions to the landscape. Capable of flaunting a variety of vibrant colors, Cordyline fruticosa is easy to care for. Read our guide to learn more about cultivating these beauties in the landscape.

How to Grow and Care for Hawaiian Ti Plants

A horizontal closeup of the dark purple, yellow- and white-striped leaves of Cordyline fruticosa 'mocha latte.'

A Hawaiian ti plant has the beautiful form and colorful foliage to make a wonderful houseplant. Easy to care for and a delight to look at, Cordyline fruticosa is perfect for bringing a bright, tropical vibe into your home. Propagation, cultivation, maintenance, and more are all covered in our guide! Read more now.