Trailing leaves of a variegated Ceropegia Woodii or string of hearts plant.

String of Hearts

Are you looking for a unique, hassle-free addition to your houseplant collection? String of hearts plant is a versatile trailing vine with hundreds of small heart-shaped leaves. Its vibrant colors, often in green, white, and purple variegated hues, are sure to liven up any room in your home.

Despite its delicate appearance, this hardy succulent is surprisingly robust and can survive even the brownest of thumbs. Read our guides down below for tips to learn how to successfully grow string of hearts plant! New to this shapely succulent? Start with our basic care guide.

9 Different Types of String of Hearts

A close up horizontal image of Ceropegia woodii aka string of hearts growing in small pots indoors.

String of hearts, also known as rosary vine, is a fabulous vining houseplant that needs no improvement. There are nonetheless several fascinating cultivars with different leaf shapes and colors that fans of this succulent will undoubtedly find beguiling. Discover 9 different types of string of hearts in this guide.

How to Grow and Care for String of Hearts

A close up horizontal image of a string of hearts plant spilling over the side of a pot.

With extra-long vines and heart-shaped leaves, string of hearts makes a beautiful and fast-growing houseplant. Covered with purple and dark green foliage, this succulent, also known as rosary vine, is easy and fun to propagate. Read more now to learn more about growing and caring for this Rapunzel among houseplants.