Learn Three Ways to Propagate Spirea Bushes

A big, white-flowered spirea bush growing in a backyard setting.

Spirea is a flowering shrub that gives three season of reliable color to the garden. A low-maintenance plant that’s easy to grow, propagation is simple as well. Join us now for a look at the three easiest ways to multiply these landscape stalwarts, right here on Gardeners Path.

How to Care for Spirea Shrubs in Winter

A close up horizontal image of the white flowers of spirea pictured on a soft focus background.

Spirea are deciduous ornamental shrubs loaded with beautiful, showy flower clusters in either spring or summer, depending on the variety. These tough, durable, deciduous plants are cold-hardy and able to withstand a variety of harsh seasonal weather conditions. Learn how to care for spirea shrubs in winter in this guide.

How and When to Prune Spirea Shrubs

A close up horizontal image of pink Japanese spirea growing in the garden pictured in light evening sunshine.

Ornamental spring- or summer-flowering shrubs, spirea need an annual pruning to look their best with full foliage and abundant flowers. But with different flowering times, the two types have different maintenance regimes. To keep your shrubs in top form, here are the details on how to prune spirea. Read more.

9 of the Best Types of Spirea Shrubs for Your Garden

A close up horizontal image of a large 'Bridal Wreath' spirea shrub covered in white flowers.

Spirea are flowering woody shrubs in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering multi-season interest for gardens and landscapes. The pretty pink, red, or white flowers appear in summer or fall, and many have color-changing foliage with fantastic fall hues. Read about 9 different types of spirea shrubs for your garden.

How to Grow and Care for Spirea Bushes

Small clustered pink blooms of spirea flowers.

Woody shrubs give great structure to the garden, and ones that provide flowers as well as fall color are invaluable for multi-season interest. Spirea gives pretty spring flowers and bright green foliage that turns into vibrant fall color, and it’s fast and easy to grow! Get the full details here on Gardeners Path.

How to Grow Mellow Yellow ‘Ogon’ Spirea: a Shrub for All Seasons

Morning light shining on blooming branches of Mellow Yellow ‘Ogon’ Spirea.

Ogon spirea is a mounding woody shrub that’s easy to grow in sunny locations in zones 4 to 8. Tiny white blossoms in early spring and colorful foliage in fall make it a striking focal point in hedges, mixed borders, or as a stand-alone specimen. Learn how to grow this attractive landscape plant now on Gardener’s Path.