7 Types of Legume Inoculants and How to Use Them

A close up horizontal image of a plant dug up showing the nodules on the roots.

Through the power of microbial action, inoculants help legumes convert nitrogen from the air into soil nitrogen they need to grow and thrive. Using these beneficial microbes can mean the difference between a paltry harvest and a plentiful one! Learn about 7 legume inoculants for the garden in this guide. Read more now.

The Benefits of Using Soil Inoculants and Microbes in the Garden

Graphic image of beneficial soil bacteria of different species.

Soil is naturally full of beneficial microbes and nematodes that can help to prevent or even control plant diseases. Did you know you can increase the numbers of these useful organisms and improve the health of your garden by adding them as soil inoculants? Learn more about these fungi, bacteria, and other beneficials.