Green savory plant growing in the garden.


Savory is the common name of the Satureja genus and is related to related to rosemary and thyme. Satureja features several different species of plants cultivated for culinary purposes (summer and winter savory) and others that serve primarily as ornamental plants (but can be consumed as herbs as well). It is native to Mediterranean region and Central Asia.

Want to start growing savory in your garden? Use our guides down below find all you need to know to plant, care for, and harvest this tasty herb. Happy gardening!

How to Plant and Grow Winter Savory

A close up of a Satureja montana plant, with long thin bright green leaves against a dark background in soft focus.

Winter savory is the perennial cousin of the annual summer variety, and its evergreen leaves can be enjoyed in recipes year-round. This easy-to-grow herb adds a peppery umami flavor to bean dishes, game, meat, and stuffing, and makes a great companion plant in the garden. Read more now to learn how to grow your own.

Summer Savory: The Peppery, Piquant Love Herb

A tall summer savory herb growing in a large terra cotta pot on a garden patio.

Highly aromatic with a piquant flavor, summer savory is an easily grown annual. It makes a fragrant, low-growing edging plant for the garden, is valued in the kitchen, and has some qualities that may surprise you. Join us for a closer look at how to grow this often underutilized herb. Read more now.