How to Grow and Care for Rattlesnake Plants

Rattlesnake calathea is a prayer plant with attractively patterned leaves that are raised at night and lowered again every morning. This houseplant will reward you with gorgeous green and purple foliage if you provide it with the care it requires. Keep reading to learn how to grow and care for rattlesnake plant.

How to Grow Red-Veined Prayer Plant

A close up horizontal image of the patterned foliage of a red-veined prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura) pictured on a dark background.

With its boldly patterned leaves, red-veined prayer plant is a stunner of a houseplant. It’s also safe for households with curious pets or young kids. And this maranta is easy to care for too, when you have the right tips to follow. Read more now to learn all about growing and caring for red-veined prayer plants.

How to Grow and Care for Calathea Peacock Plant

A close up horizontal image of a peacock plant with drops of water on the foliage.

Peacock plant, a member of the prayer plant family, is an attractive tropical species grown for its decorative green and purple variegated foliage. This gorgeous houseplant is a breeze to keep happy and healthy once you understand its needs. Keep reading to learn how to grow beautiful, luscious peacock plants.

How to Grow and Care for Pinstripe Plant

A close up horizontal image of the striped foliage of a pinstripe plant (Goeppertia ornata) growing outdoors in a tropical location.

Pinstripe plant is a charming and elegant foliage houseplant with striped leaves that can blend with almost any household decor. This prayer plant lifts its leaves every night and lowers them again in the morning. Learn more about how to grow and care for pinstripe plants in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Stromanthe Triostar Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of the foliage of Stromanthe 'Triostar' plants growing in pots.

Stromanthe ‘Triostar’ is a shining star of a houseplant, with its luscious pinks and delicate patterns. This prayer plant’s colorful foliage will grab your attention, rewarding you with a gorgeous display if you provide it with the right care. Keep reading to learn how to grow and care for a ‘Triostar’ prayer plant.

Worth Its Stripes: How to Grow and Care for Calathea Zebrina Plants

A close up horizontal image of a Calathea zebrina plant in a small pot with a beige wall in the background.

Calathea zebrina is a tropical prayer plant that’s grown for its striking striped foliage. It may have a reputation as a slightly fussy houseplant, but it’s easy to keep happy and beautiful when you know what it needs. You’ll find all the tips and tricks to growing the lovely calathea zebrina in this guide. Read more.

Troubleshooting Yellow Leaves on Prayer Plants

A close up horizontal image of a prayer plant with leaves that are turning yellow at the tips, pictured on a soft focus background.

Prayer plants make enchanting houseplants with their gorgeous, patterned foliage. But sometimes their leaves can turn yellow, and the effect of those beautiful patterns is spoiled. There are many causes for yellow leaves in prayer plants. Learn about the most common problems and how to remedy them in this guide.

Troubleshooting Brown Leaves on Prayer Plants

Prayer plants are gorgeous foliage houseplants that thrive in humid conditions. But sometimes brown blemishes tarnish their beautifully patterned leaves. When your prayer plant’s leaves turn brown, there is a reason. Learn about the top 7 reasons prayer plant leaves turn brown and what to do about them in this guide.

How to Grow and Care for Prayer Plants

Prayer plants – including calatheas, marantas, stromanthes, and ctenanthes – are colorful ornamentals with fascinating leaf patterns. These houseplants can be a bit challenging to keep happy, but they are worth the extra effort. Ready to learn more about growing and caring for prayer plants indoors? Read more now.

21 of the Most Stunning Species of Prayer Plants to Grow at Home

Prayer plants are cherished for their unusual habit of lifting their leaves up at night, but also for their dazzling array of colors and patterns. From highly symmetrical markings to impressionistic marbling, discover 21 of the most gorgeous prayer plants you can keep in your home. To meet these stunners, keep reading.