To Repot or Not: Why, When, and How to Repot Norfolk Island Pine Trees

A close up horizontal image of a small Norfolk Island pine tree growing in a container.

Norfolk pines are beautiful, easy-care houseplants that can serve double duty as living Christmas trees. But after the holidays are over, you might wonder whether you need to repot this lovely conifer – or not. To learn when, how, and why to repot your Norfolk Island pine tree, keep reading. We share all the details.

How to Propagate Norfolk Island Pine

A close up horizontal image of two Norfolk Island pine trees in small pots pictured on a soft focus background.

Norfolk Island pine trees are in the spotlight during the Christmas holiday season, but they make easy-care houseplants all year long. And if you want more of these conifers, they aren’t hard to propagate either. There are a few different methods you can use to propagate these trees – keep reading to learn more.

Tips for Watering Norfolk Island Pine Trees

A close up horizontal image of a small Norfolk Island pine tree in a pot set on a wooden surface with a metal watering can.

Norfolk Island pines make festive houseplants, and they will brighten your home long after the holidays have passed. But it’s important to develop a good watering routine as soon as you bring your tree home. Learn about Norfolk Island pine water requirements and how to keep them healthy all year long. Read more now.

How to Grow Norfolk Island Pine, Your Living Christmas Tree

When you bring home a Norfolk Island pine for the holidays, this is one Christmas tree you won’t have to take out to the curb when the festivities have ended. These evergreen conifers make excellent houseplants – however, there are a few tricks to preventing them from outgrowing your home. Keep reading to learn more.