Top view of stinging nettle plants.


Nettles are a common plant found in temperate climates. They grow in fields, forest clearings and near streams and are best know for their leaves which can sting. However, nettle leaves are also full of vitamins and have a long tradition of use as an herbal medicine to treat everything from urinary tract infections to inflammation. Learn all you need to know to plant, harvest, and use nettles in our guides down below. Happy gardening!

How to Harvest and Use Stinging Nettle Root

A close up of a freshly harvested stinging nettle root that has been cleaned, on a green soft focus background.

You may be familiar with the beneficial properties of nettle leaves, but did you know that the roots of this hardy perennial herb are also medicinal, and have some very special attributes of their own? Discover how to harvest, process, store, and use nettle root. Read more now.

How to Grow Stinging Nettle in Your Garden

A top down close up picture of young stinging nettle plants growing in the garden in light sunshine with soil in the background.

Though often overlooked as an undesirable weed, stinging nettle is an astonishing plant with an abundance of uses, many dating back for thousands of years. Learn to appreciate this forager’s favorite and discover tips for growing, harvesting, and using nettle greens, with some bonus cooking tips too. Read more now.