Top down view of different types of mushrooms laying on a tray.


Mushrooms are a fantastic addition to any home garden. They’re easy to grow and simple enough for beginners, and more experienced gardeners can experiment with different methods of cultivation. Use our guides below to get started!

17 of the Top Mushroom Growing Kits for Home Gardeners

A close up horizontal image of a bowl filled with different kinds of mushrooms set on a wooden surface.

Want to try your hand at growing your own crop of mushrooms indoors? There’s a wealth of grow kits available, offering a variety of different types of delicious, edible fungi, with options for budding mycologists as well as experienced growers. Learn more about 17 of the best mushroom growing kits now. Read more.

How to Grow Mushrooms Outdoors

A close up horizontal image of oyster mushrooms, viewed from below, growing on the trunk of a tree.

You may be a whiz at growing plants, but have you ever tried to cultivate mushrooms? Since they’re fungi, you’ll have to care for them differently than you would plants. Our guide to growing mushrooms outdoors covers everything gardeners need to know for growing fabulous edible fungi in their own outdoor gardens.