A clump of green lemongrass growing in the garden.


Lemongrass refers to one of several different species in the genus Cymbopogon that is used for culinary flavorings, as medicinal herbs, and for cosmetic and perfume applications.

It’s a tropical plant that also works well as a ornamental grass in southern climates. Add lemongrass to your herb garden or landscaping with our guides down below. Happy gardening!

Tips for Growing Lemongrass Indoors

A close up horizontal image of freshly harvested lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) stalks set on a wooden surface.

Lemongrass is a tropical, perennial grass with fragrant stalks and leaves that add citrus flavor to a variety of dishes. If you want to enjoy this tasty herb year-round, you can cultivate the plants indoors. In this guide, we cover propagation and growing advice so you can easily cultivate your own lemongrass indoors.

Lemongrass Winter Care: How to Prepare for the Cold

A row of lemongrass plants growing in the garden with long, thin, upright, green leaves. In the background are trees and vegetation in soft focus.

Lemongrass brings a tropical touch to your garden, with its long leaves and citrusy scent. But it needs a bit of extra care and attention if it’s to survive the winter chill. To learn what steps to take to prepare your plants for the change of season, and the protection they need for overwintering, read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Lemongrass

A close up of a large clump of lemongrass with long, dark green leaves in bright sunshine fading to soft focus in the background.

A tropical, perennial grass, lemongrass has fragrant stalks and leaves which add a citrus flavor to your cooking – as well as texture and interest to your garden. Given the right conditions and a bit of care and attention, you too can enjoy this herb in your own garden. Learn more now.