How to Grow and Care for Hoya Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of the delicate pink and red flowers of a Hoya plant with foliage in the background.

Once hoyas start to catch your eye, these houseplants are hard to forget. With their long, trailing vines and fragrant, showy flowers, hoyas make gorgeous, easy-care indoor plants. Ready to fall down the hoya rabbit hole? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about growing these lovely, vining plants.

How to Grow and Care for Sweetheart Hoya

A close up horizontal image of a heart-shaped sweetheart hoya leaf cutting in a small black pot flanked by two red love hearts on a windowsill.

Sweetheart hoya, also known as wax hearts, is a darling of a houseplant with its big, succulent, heart-shaped leaves. This vining plant produces fragrant flowers, is nontoxic, and can happily live as a plant companion for many years inside the home. Keep reading to learn how to grow and care for this heart-leafed hoya.

29 of the Most Fabulous Types of Hoya Plant

A close up horizontal image of a collection of different potted hoya plants set on a wooden bench.

Hoyas provide beautiful foliage in a dizzying array of shapes, colors, and textures. Whether you want just one plant or you’re ready to start or expand a collection, narrow your choices by learning about the many cultivars and species available. Discover 29 of the most fabulous types of hoyas for your home now.