How to Plant and Grow Horseradish

A close up horizontal image of whole, peeled, and grated horseradish roots on a dark gray surface.

Horseradish has a famously pungent and spicy root, but most people don’t know that the edible leaves and flowers are every bit as delicious. The only way to get them, for the most part, is to grow your own. It’s incredibly easy, so long as you can provide a deep bed of loose soil and the right amount of moisture.

How to Control White Leaf Spots on Cruciferous Vegetables

Top down view of a turnip leaf infected with white leaf spot (Cercospora brassicicola).

White spot fungi are selective in the crucifers they infect and cause disease on the leaves of turnip, rutabaga, canola, mustard, radish, and horseradish. The fungi overwinter on volunteer plants and cruciferous weeds. Read on to learn how to control white spot fungus on crucifers.