25 Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

A close up horizontal image of a holiday scene with a candle in a lamp, decorations, and snow on the ground, with a shooting star in the background.

This year, thrill the gardeners on Santa’s nice list with the best holiday gifts for green thumbs. We’ve done the legwork, so you can select top-quality gardener-recommended presents and stocking stuffers. Shop our list for the best gift ideas – and maybe pick something out for yourself too. Read more now.

How to Xeriscape Your Yard for Efficiency and Aesthetics

Green hostas and ferns growing along a pebble pathway lines with larger brown stones.

Have you heard of xeriscaping? Often associated with desert climates, it’s much more than succulents and cacti. This sensible landscape style conserves water, reduces garden maintenance, and provides habitat for endemic species. Learn all about its aesthetics and efficiency here on Gardener’s Path.

Quick Guide to Understanding Seed Packets

A human hand olds a cluster of seed packets of different varieties | Gardener's Path

Seed packets are loaded with important growing information, like sowing, spacing, and thinning. To help make sense of it all, your friends at Gardener’s Path have put together this quick guide. Check it out before planning, purchasing, and digging. Your plants will thank you.

A Plant Pick-Me-Up? Tips for Composting and Gardening with Coffee Grounds

A close up horizontal image of a gardener applying coffee grounds to a compost pile in the garden.

Coffee makes an outstanding hot drink, but what about using the spent grounds in the garden? These dregs are touted as a great fertilizer, mulch, and compost ingredient, but what does the science say? To find out if your notions about gardening with coffee grounds are on target – or a bit off center – keep reading now.

7 of the Best Gardening Journals to Plan, Record, and Celebrate Your Garden

A top down picture of an open book with blank pages, and seed packets on top of it, to the left are some small planing pots, and to the bottom of the frame are gardening gloves, pruning shears, and a hand cultivator, set on a rustic wooden surface.

Are you forgetting one of the most important tools you can use to grow a productive and healthy garden? A gardening journal can help you record, design, plan, and improve your garden. To learn more about how journaling can help you all year, and discover 7 of the best gardening journals available today, keep reading.

What Is Xerophytic Garden Design?

A horizontal image of a pathway through a xerophytic garden with a selection of native flowers and succulent and cacti.

Nowadays, we’re all concerned about natural resources and the environment – and rightly so! But there are steps that we can take to reduce our environmental impact, like landscaping with plant species that need less water to thrive. Learn how to plan a xerophytic garden and choose the best plants for your needs.

13 of the Best Trees and Shrubs for Orange Fall Color

A close up horizontal image of the bright orange foliage of a Japanese maple tree growing in the garden pictured in bright sunshine.

As summer gives way to autumn, the leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs provide a fabulous, colorful display of fall foliage. If your favorite color is orange, you’re in luck! In this guide, we take a look at 13 of the best landscape trees and shrubs that produce outstanding orange foliage in fall. Read more now.

How to Use Trap Crops as Decoys to Control Insect Pests

A close up horizontal image of mixed plantings in the vegetable garden.

Trap crops are plants that are more attractive to pest insects than your crops are, luring the bad bugs away from your vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and preventing damage. Once on these decoys, the pests are easy to find and kill, meaning less insecticides are needed. Read more about trap cropping in this guide.

Crown Rot Identification and Tips for Treatment

A close up horizontal image of the base of a tree suffering from crown rot.

Crown rot can appear out of nowhere and cause your plants to collapse, or even die. While the symptoms are usually similar, various pathogens can cause this ailment. Identifying the specific pathogen involved can help you to treat or prevent crown rot disease. Learn how to tell these pathogens apart in this guide.

Diatomaceous Earth: Effective Natural Pest Control

Keep pests at bay with your new best friend - DE. | GardenersPath.com

Diatomaceous earth is a wondrous powder made from the crushed bodies of prehistoric fossils, with many modern garden uses! Get tips for application as a natural pesticide. Plus, learn how to use it in your home and on your poultry flock in this guide from Gardener’s Path.

Your Guide to Low-Maintenance Landscape Planning

A collection of low maintenance shrubs on hilly lawn.

Do you want to lower the maintenance and effort that you need to expend on your yard or garden to make it presentable? Are you sick of mowing the grass and trimming the shrubs? If so, our guide is for you. Get our 10 tips on planning your landscaping to avoid as much maintenance as possible.