A pile of purple colored fig fruit.

Fig Trees

Fig trees are a great addition to any garden, and they’re fairly easy to grow! They thrive in warm climates, but some varieties will still do well in other regions. They also make great shade trees, making them a good dual purpose choice for residential lots. Learn more about growing your own fig trees with our detailed guides below including care tips, propagation techniques, and cultivar selection.

How to Grow and Care for Ficus Plants

A horizontal shot of a large banyan tree with reaching branches along the side of the road.

Fiddle-leaf, edible, ginseng, creeping, weeping, and rubber. Massive landscaping trees, quick-growing bonsai, adaptable houseplants, and evergreen shrubs. There are so many lovely fig plants to enjoy in so many different ways. This guide explains what defines a Ficus and how to care for this group of plants.

How to Grow Beautiful and Productive Fig Trees

A close up horizontal image of figs ripe and unripe growing on the tree pictured on a soft focus background.

There is nothing more perfect than a honey-sweet, berry-bright fig fruit fresh off the tree and still warm from the sun. If you live in Zones 6-10, you can grow your own fig trees, even if you only have a small space, and enjoy these treats once or twice a year, since many types give you not one but two crops annually.

7 of the Best Cold Hardy Fig Trees

A close up of a fig tree branch with large flat leaves and several fruits in shades of purple and light green on a soft focus background.

Love the flavor of figs but worried you can’t grow them because you live too far north? Northern gardeners have plenty of options when it comes to selecting fig varieties that will do well in colder climates. Our experts offer up 7 of the best cold hardy fig trees and top tips on how to care for them in the winter.

Tips for Growing Hardy Chicago Fig Trees (Bensonhurst Purple)

A close up of a ripe 'Hardy Chicago' fig fruit, pictured on a stem in bright sunlight with a soft focus background.

Hardy Chicago figs are the perfect type of fruit trees for northern gardeners who would like to enjoy homegrown fresh figs, and who need a cultivar that can withstand chilly weather. Check out our expert advice about how to grow these bountiful trees now, including site selection, watering, and fertilizing information.