Is Dracaena Toxic to Cats or Dogs?

A close up horizontal image of a small moggie sitting behind a houseplant pictured on a soft focus background.

Can ingesting dracaena be harmful to cats and dogs? You will need to monitor for adverse symptoms and call the vet if your pet samples this type of houseplant, a common pick among indoor gardeners. Read on to learn more about the toxicity of dracaena to household pets, symptoms to watch out for, and care tips.

How to Grow and Care for Dracaena

A close up horizontal image of the green and white variegated foliage of dracaena, a popular houseplant.

Ideal for indoor gardening, Dracaena is a genus of low maintenance tropical plants that come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Many species are distinguished by narrow, spectacularly striped foliage growing from a sturdy central cane. Continue on to learn all about growing these whimsical plants indoors.