Reasons and Fixes for Drooping, Wilting Cyclamen Plants

A close up horizontal image of bright pink cyclamen flowers pictured on a soft focus background.

Are you wondering why your cyclamen is droopy and wilting? It could be a standard case of the dormant summer blues or as simple as changing your watering routine. In this guide, we cover how to identify and address the common reasons why your cyclamen is drooping to bring it back to full health. Read more now.

How to Care for Cyclamen During Dormancy

A horizontal close up of vibrant pink cyclamen flowers.

Are you wondering if your winter-blooming cyclamen is dead? Depending on the season, your plant could be entering its dormancy phase. These flowering houseplants need time to recharge, and with proper care your cyclamen will bloom brightly again. Learn more about cyclamen dormant period in this guide. Read more now.

Common Reasons Why Cyclamen Fails to Bloom

A horizontal close up shot of vibrant pinkish-purple cyclamen flowers with a white terrace garden wall in the background.

Winter-blooming cyclamen houseplants put on a colorful display, lifting our mood in the cold months, so it’s disappointing when they fail to flower. Learn about five of the most common reasons why cyclamen may fail to bloom and what changes to make to encourage flowering in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Cyclamen Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of colorful cyclamen flowers.

Cyclamen makes a colorful indoor plant for winter that blooms through to spring, when most flowering plants are dormant. It comes in bold shades of red, pink, and purple, with heart-shaped green or variegated foliage. Read on to learn how to care for a potted cyclamen indoors and enjoy vibrant color all winter long.