Top down view of a mass planting of chamomile plants with white flowers and yellow centers.


Chamomile (or camomile in British English) are several daisy-like species of flowering plants in the Asteraceae family. The two species that are commonly cultivated are German (Matricaria chamomilla), and Roman (Chamaemelum nobile), also known as English chamomile. The German variety is a taller annual while the Roman, or English, species is a low-growing perennial.

Both are used to make herbal teas for traditional medicine. And both varieties are grown for their delicate white flowers which are perfectly suited for cottage gardens. Read more down below for tips and tricks on growing, harvesting, and using this flowering herb. New to growing chamomile? Start with our 101 guide.

What’s the Difference Between English and German Chamomile?

A close up of the delicate white flowers of Matricaria chamomilla or German Chamomile in the summer garden.

Did you know there are two different types of chamomile with different growth habits and uses? German chamomile has cheerful flowers just waiting to be turned into tea, while English chamomile is ideal for growing as a low-maintenance ground cover. Learn about the differences between English and German chamomile now.

Cozy Up with Chamomile: Growing and Harvesting a Classic

Grow classic chamomile. |

Of all the plants in my garden, chamomile offers the most return on my investment. It is a vigorous and problem-free plant that produces a spray of beautiful flowers that can immediately be harvested to make a tasty tea. Gardener’s Path has all of the information you need to know about growing this fine addition in your own garden. Read on to learn more!

How to Grow Chamomile Indoors

A horizontal image of chamomile flowers in vases and in a bowl set on a wicker table mat.

You’ve probably put a pot of basil, mint, or cilantro in your kitchen window for quick access. But did you know chamomile can grow happily indoors? It’s true! Whether you’re looking to add beauty or an herbal remedy to your home, chamomile will thrive in your indoor food or flower garden with these tips. Read more.

How to Grow an Aromatic Chamomile Lawn

A close up horizontal image of white and yellow daisy like flowers growing in the garden fading to soft focus in the background.

Are you sick and tired of always having to mow the lawn? Instead, save time, money, and water by converting your grass yard to low-growing chamomile. Chamomile lawns improve the soil and attract pollinators while greatly reducing maintenance. Continue on to learn how to grow chamomile as a lawn alternative.

How to Grow Chamomile in Containers

A close up of a Matricaria recutita plant growing in a container at the side of a pathway in the garden, surrounded by other perennials.

Chamomile is boisterous in the garden, self-seeding where you least expect it. Planting it in a pot can keep this herb under control. There are just a few things you need to succeed, including the right container, soil, and location. Read more now to learn everything you need to know to grow chamomile in a container.