Top down view of harvest broccolini spears on a wooden cutting board.


Do you like broccoli but want something a little different? Try broccolini! This cruciferous vegetable is related to broccoli but has smaller florets and a more delicate flavor. It’s also a little less fussier to grow than broccoli. Use our guides down below to learn how to plant, grow, and harvest your own crop of broccolini as well as cultivar selection, pest and disease management, and other cultivation tips to make sure you have a bumper crop. Happy gardening!

What Is the Difference Between Broccoli Rabe and Broccolini?

A close up of a floret and the foliage of broccoli rabe growing in the garden in light sunshine.

Is there a difference between broccolini and broccoli rabe? Or are they the same? These two veggies look a lot alike and have similar names. But they are different – in their origins, how they grow in the garden, and how you’ll want to use them in the kitchen! To learn what distinguishes these two veggies, keep reading.

How to Grow Broccolini

A close up of a broccolini plant with delicate heads on long thin stems growing in the garden on a soft focus background.

Tender, crunchy, and sweet with a mildly peppery flavor, broccolini is a hybrid broccoli that is praised for its thin edible flowering shoots which can be harvested multiple times a season. Learn how to grow broccolini in your garden, the best varieties to choose, and enjoy this tasty vegetable all season long.