Close up of pink flowers of a Bougainvillea vine.


Are you dreaming of having a vibrant addition to your home garden that’s both beautiful and easy to care for? Bougainvillea vines might just be the perfect fit! Packed with spectacular blossoms in shades ranging from pink, magenta, lavender, yellow, purple, orange and white. This tropical flowering vine looks amazing when grown on trellises, fences, or walls. Read our guides down below to help you get started on growing your own bougainvillea vines.

How to Winterize Bougainvillea

A close up horizontal image of pink bougainvillea flowers pictured on a soft focus background.

Tropical plants like the bougainvillea aren’t able to withstand freezing temps, frost, or snow. As winter approaches, they’ll need to be protected from damage in cooler zones, whether they’re planted outdoors or growing in containers. Winterizing paperflower is easy! Learn how to keep yours safe when temperatures drop.

How to Grow and Care for Bougainvillea

A horizontal image of pink and white bougainvillea adorning the entrance to a building pictured on a blue sky background in bright sunshine.

Are you looking for a blooming, vigorous vine that’s also super versatile? Well, look no further than bougainvillea. This brightly-colored beauty can be grown as a cascading vine, shrub, or tree, but it can do so much more. Read more to discover your options and learn how to keep paperflowers healthy and gorgeous.