Dried black-eyed peas.

Black-Eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas (also known as cowpeas or field peas) are a staple in southern part of the US but can be planted in any garden. These beans are easy to grow and have the benefit of being high in fiber, protein, iron, and thiamine. Lean more about how to plant, grow, and care for you own patch of black-eyed peas in our guides down below. Happy gardening!

How to Grow Black-Eyed Peas

A close up horizontal image of Vigna unguiculata aka black-eyed peas growing in the garden, pictured in light sunshine on a green soft focus background.

Bring the New Year’s good luck tradition into your garden when you grow black-eyed peas. These tasty legumes condition the soil, and thrive in average dirt, high temperatures, and even drought, making them low labor additions to the summer garden. Learn how to grow your own black-eyed peas in this guide. Read more now.