9 of the Best Arugula Varieties for Your Vegetable Patch

A top down close up picture of arugula plants growing in a containers in bright sunlight.

Nothing tastes better than fresh, homegrown arugula. Did you know that there are numerous varieties to choose from, each with a slightly different flavor, texture, or color? We round up nine of the best varieties of arugula for you to grow in your vegetable garden this season. Learn more about our favorites now.

How and When to Harvest Arugula

A close up of fresh Eruca vesicaria growing in rows in the garden with soil in soft focus to the left of the frame in light sunshine.

Are you growing arugula in your garden and wondering when and how to harvest it for crispy leaves with the tastiest flavor? Find out how to pick baby greens for a mild flavor or enjoy a peppery kick from more mature leaves. Get the best out of your greens and learn how and when to harvest arugula. Read more now.